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I am always happy to help any photographer, or aspiring photographer/s, with their work. The two options reflect the type of review process I am requested the most. If you find that neither of the reviews below suits your needs, or if you would like a more comprehensive, expansive and individual customized work frame, go to custom workshops.

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Face to Face

In addition to the reviews, I have also directed and taught workshops and seminars worldwide. If you are a course director or a faculty member and would like to do a workshop or seminar with me, please have a look at these basic examples of workshops I give. If you would like to explore other workshop possibilities, please contact me for more info.

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One-to-One Storytelling Workshop

This is an intensive, hands-on, experience in advanced storytelling. This is a workshop tailored for your needs and budget. The main goal is to help, offer guidance and mentor photographers from the moment a story is chosen. The participant will work in the field and create his/her own story while I oversee the process in face-to-face meetings or online meetings. We’ll go through its development until the story is ready for publication.

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