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The Time

26 March, 2017

The Time

I restarted the journey almost three months ago and just two weeks ago I’ve been able to update my site with pictures.

The passing of time, an ally of programmed obsolescence, implacable, that forces us to update every programmed object we own, is the one to blame for my website’s problems. The price was to be unable to upload photos in English and Spanish at the same time, developing a massive issue inside The Journey.

In the meantime Xavi, the website developer, was working on the issue I had Athena receive a full check up since it was parked for 4 months in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). I took the chance to also change something I was thinking of doing for a while: re-arranging the position of the cases to increase stability while driving. So, although I was technically travelling again -and I was dying to get back on the bike again- it took me a few days to actually restart again.

With Athena ready, I made a short trip to the highlands of Malaysia to confirm that it was in good nick and went back to Kuala Lumpur to photograph the Thaipusam Hindu Festival. I was able to test new cameras as well for this next part of the journey.

Although everything was going well and in good rhythm, with the pass of time and without being able to upload anything, I had the impression I wasn’t moving very much. I know very well I don’t know many things but I what do know is that time is perceptual and relative depending on what we face and how we face it.

Unfortunately, I believe that our brains are quite tricky and they like to play with us and that doesn’t help much. It creates the impression that time doesn’t move at all when we suffer, when we find ourselves at a dead end, in a desperate situation, when we need medical treatment or we miss someone dearly. In those moments, everything clouds and the smallest climb is Everest sized. On the other hand, when we have fun, on holidays, find something that makes us happy or are with someone we want to have with us; time flies.

The good thing is that knowing your enemy allows you to prepare your strategies better. In one way, we ought to make time be just a word and make it as relative as possible when possible. Sadly, because of the times we live in today, time passes relentless. When we place plenty of importance in it, even a broken clock tell the right time twice a day.

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